Speeding Concerns



Image DescriptionThere have been reports of many people driving too fast through the neighborhood.

We strongly encourage residents of the neighborhood to slow down as there are many young children playing. Please report any concerns to the police department.

  1. Mark B12-16-12

    When are we going to get serious about speeders in our neighborhood? When are we going to stop speeding in OUR OWN neighborhood?

    Today I finally called the police to report a car. The car decided to PASS someone doing the speed LIMIT in the middle of Flagstone. The car doing the speed limit was about to make a left into a driveway as the second car was deciding to pass them. The car trying to make the pass had to swerve far to the left to avoid hitting the first car and almost took out my mailbox as they came up into my driveway! If any of my kids or anyone else been walking on the sidewalk they would have been hit!

    At the last meeting, the board said something about speed bumps being illegal in Indiana. I just found the following document for speed bumps on public streets in Hamilton County, http://www.hamiltoncounty.in.gov/egov/documents/1321900245_98613.pdf. If we can’t follow these same steps, then its time we start petitioning the government to change an outdated rule before someone if injured or killed.

    • Jim K03-13-13

      We need more posts like this one! Please voice your concerns! The more posts the better, this would show the town that it is a true concern of the residents of Hearthstone. Also, do not hesitate to contact the Dyer police department.

      This same scenario happened to me in Rockwell. I was following a car that was slowing down to turn left. The person behind me decided to pass me and was only a few feet short of slamming into the side of the turning vehicle.

      Once again, please voice your concerns!

  2. Angela J09-03-13

    Deer Creek Drive is the worst. People use it as a cut through at ridiculous speeds. I’m fearful to let even my older children play out there unattended.

  3. Stacy S.11-19-13

    At the annual meeting, we briefly spoke about the speeding issue on deer creek drive. The board suggested getting a committee together to figure out what could realistically be done to deal with the speeding in our subdivision. I think that’s a great idea.
    It’s going to take time & dedication of the residents of our subd to work with the town of dyer, police dept, etc. to come up with acceptable solutions. I suggest contacting the board and/or going to a board meeting to express interest in forming a committee to address the concerns of speeding in our subd, particularly on deer creek drive. Stacy S.

  4. Bryan B.03-22-14

    I urge everyone to continue to call the non-emergency police number to report speeders. Tell your neighbors as well. The police recognize the issue but have neglected it. The more everyone calls, the better chance they will react. Our town councilperson is Connee Trepton, please notify her as well. I contacted her to address this issue asking to reduce the speed limit to 20 mph as it is in many neighborhoods. She let the police chief know but nothing major has happened (a few days of patrol). Here is the information to contact her. If nothing changes, keep this in mind when election time comes.
    Phone: (219) 865 – 6108
    Fax: (219) 865 – 4233
    Email: council@townofdyer.com

    • Jim K04-11-14

      Hopefully everyone noticed the new sign on Deer Creek around the curve. There is a directional arrow with a speed limit of 15mph. This does not solve our problem, but it is a very small start. Please keep calling and emailing our representatives!

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