Rules to keep the Hearthstone pond safe and beautiful

Hearthstone Fountain

Retention Ponds in Hearthstone

Pond Rules

While our pond might be scenic, the Hearthstone Retention Pond’s primary purpose is retention of storm water run off. All the water from the street sewers goes into Hearthstone Retention Pond. This controls flooding in our community… and your basement. However the pond is also available to all Hearthstone homeowners for recreational fishing. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The official access to the pond next to, just south of, the property located at 1584 Hearthstone Court.
  • There is a 10 foot easement around the pond for resident access. The 10 foot easement begins at the shoreline (where the stone edge meets the grass line). Property past the 10 foot easement is private and should not be trespassed.
  • Catch and throw back all fish.
  • No swimming, boating, or kayaking allowed.
  • The pond is open for fishing everyday, 9am – Sunset.
  • When the pond’s water overflows into the grass, the pond is in a flood stage and is closed. No fishing allowed.
  • Please do not feed the geese, they can produce up to 2 lbs of waste per day.
  • Please do not harm the geese, they are a protected species.

Latest Pond Updates:

7/15/2019 : New Aerator system installed to replace pond fountain.

The board voted on 5/20/2019 to replace pond fountain system with Aerator system. Fountain pump failed several times and was costing lot of money to maintain. Decided to replace with aerator system.

11/15/13    Grate installed on exit culvert

The board voted on installing a new grate on the exit culvert of the pond.  This was installed to prevent any debris from getting into the pipe where all of our storm water flows.  This is very important to keep our basements dry!

8/19/13    Fountain problems

The Hearthstone fountain power unit was found to be faulty and needs to be replaced.  A new power unit will be purchased, installed, and ready for operation in April, 2014

8/1/13    Fountain problems

The fountain on the Hearthstone pond malfunctioned and was shut down on Thursday July 25th.  A service technician removed the fountain and has determined the seal is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced.  Updates will be posted

8/1/13   Lawn care around pond area

In an effort to discourage and deter trespassing, lawn maintenance on the north side of the Hearthstone (along the CN railroad track) has been suspended indefinitely.  The area around the rest of the pond is now being cut twice as much.

6/15/12   Our pond has been inspected by professionals and they report that the pond is in very good condition!

Through hard work from the Hearthstone Board of Directors and the Town of Dyer we were able to bring the pond
back to the normal level. An old railroad bridge over the Dyer ditch had collapsed into the water
preventing any flow out of our pond. CN and the town of Dyer removed the materials and cleaned the
ditch allowing water to flow again.