Hearthstone Park

Hearthstone Park

Hearthstone Park

One of the many reasons Hearthstone is such a great family neighborhood is the beautiful open spaces and our park & playground. Our children can have a fun, safe, and clean playground within walking distance!


6/15/2018: The park opened for Residents.

The park opened for public in 2018.A new Playground was installed with spot for 16 car parking. Twenty five trees were planted. An individual can access from both entrance of the park, walk along the path, and access the playground and parking lot. Park size:9.6 Acres.

Update as of 6/13/2016:

The Dyer Parks Dept is creating a master plan for Hearthstone Park and needs your input!  Please view the new designs for Hearthstone park by clicking the box below:

Hearthstone Park Design

Also, the town would like the citizens to take a short survey regarding Hearthstone Park, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by clicking the link below:


Update as of 6/21/2012:

The park construction is based upon an agreement between the Town of Dyer and Olthof.  Olthof has stated that they were going to make developments on the park in the near future before the next phase of Village Circle goes in.  Improvements in the housing market will hopefully speed up this process.  It is estimated to be within the next 1-2 years.  The park has a nice leveled area in the southwest section where the park equipment is most likely to be placed.

We encourage any individuals who would like to donate to contact the Dyer Parks Department, or attend a Park Board meeting.  The phone # for the Parks Dept. is: 219.865.2505 and the email address is: parks@townofdyer.com.

Donating to our park can be something as simple as a tree that the town will plant, or money towards any park developments.  We thank you in advance for any support! Please visit townofdyer.com or you can click below to go directly to the meeting schedule:


Town of Dyer Meeting Schedule