Hearthstone Committees

Hearthstone Committees

We currently have a traffic committee that is working with the town to resolve the traffic problems in our neighborhood.  The committee consists of the following members:

-Caryn Belcik

-Mark Belcik

-Kay Harts

-Jesse Daleiden

-James Kaczmarczyk (Liaison to HOA)


Thanks again to all our residents who signed our petition!




We are looking for people to get involved and join two committees that we are starting.  These are on a volunteer basis and will help Hearthstone organize and plan activities and also have a say in the architecture that our homes maintain.

The two committees we are forming are the Party Planning Committee and the Architectural Control Committee.

The party planning committee will be responsible for planning things such as a block party and other get-togethers like the landscaping demonstration we had last year.

The Architectural Control Committee will be responsible for approving projects and changes the Hearthstone homeowners request to us.

Thank you for any interest you may have!  Please contact us via the website or email us at dyerhearthstone@gmail.com