Fencing Rules and Variances in Hearthstone

Hearthstone Fencing Regulations

Fence Rules

  • All fences must comply with the covenants in the By Laws Exhibit E section. Within the section are pictures of the allowed fences.
  • All fences must have a permit with the town of Dyer.

Fence Variances:

Fencing variances will be allowed, but they must conform to these minimum specifications:

  • All fences must have a permit with the Town of Dyer.
  • All fence variances must be approved by the Hearthstone Board of Directors.
  • Only single color tan or white fences will be allowed.
  • Only PVC or similar maintenance free material will be allowed.

How to Submit for Your Fencing Variance:

  • Gather as much information about your fence plan as possible: size, color, pictures, manufacturer, style, contractor,etc.
  • Submit this information to Peter Bylen: pbylen@1stpropertymanagers.com or to our main contact email: dyerhearthstone@gmail.com
  • Fences submitted will be voted on at the next monthly board meeting.