Resident Information

Resident Information

Helfpul information and downloadable content for our homeowners

Hearthstone Covenants

There’s a reason Hearthstone is such a great place to live: our residents work hard to keep it a safe and attractive place to call home. The By-laws and Covenants of Hearthstone are in place to protect our residents, our neighborhood, and our property value. Let’s keep Hearthstone one of Dyer’s top communities by following the rules and regulations set forth in the following documents:

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Resident-Only Downloads

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Friendly Reminders from your Board of Directors

  • Garbage cans must not be in view from the street on non-garbage days.
  • Lawns must be maintained to a level below 4″ in length.
  • Weeds should be controlled.
  • All shrubs and trees must be trimmed.
  • Asphalt driveways must be sealed once every two years.
  • Paintable trim must be painted every five years.
  • Holiday decorations will only be allowed up to 30 days past that holiday.
  • Dogs must be leashed when not in a yard and all animal waste is to be cleaned up.

Helpful Hints

  • Check and clean sump pumps twice a year to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Change your furnace filter once a month to save on energy costs.
  • Use a non phosphorous based fertilizer and this will help in pond maintenance costs.
  • Winterize your sprinkler system in late October before it gets too cold.
  • Some companies will charge less if more people get their driveways sealed at the
    same time so call your neighbors!